GreenTech Gives Back to Community Outreach Program for Local Children

December 11, 2020


Giving Tuesday, a day of global generosity, was first created in 2012 with the intent of encouraging people to do something good for someone else. At GreenTech Environmental, we are proud to be part of this amazing community, and this year we were more compelled than ever to give something back. We chose the Isaiah 117 House because of their amazing work supporting local children in need. 

The Isaiah 117 House provides physical and emotional support in a safe and loving home for children awaiting foster care placement. Instead of waiting for placement at a DCS office, children are taken to a safe home to be cared for by an amazing team of volunteers. They provide the children with food, new clothes, toys, and other needed supplies. Instead of cubicles, these displaced children see smiles, books, and snuggly blankets. This can make all the difference in a child’s life that has just been turned upside down. 

GreenTech Environmental’s engineering, manufacturing, and marketing teams joined together to install the perfect air purifier for the specific needs of the Isaiah 117 House. The pureAir HVAC system was selected because it is easy to maintain, out of sight, and able improve the indoor air quality throughout the whole facility.  pureAir HVAC uses an existing air handling system to produce purification throughout an entire indoor environment, disinfecting and reducing odors in the air and on surfaces. 

The installation took less than thirty minutes and the purification began instantly. We are so happy to help such an amazing organization. We are also proud of our whole GreenTech team who pitched in to donate other items such as bathroom supplies, clothes, and gift cards. This holiday season please keep the Isaiah 117 House in mind. They can be contacted at: 

Phone: 423-518-3760


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