Frequently Asked Questions


What payment methods do you accept?
All major credit cards are accepted.

What if I need to modify or cancel an order I’ve already placed?
Please send an email to or contact us on: 020 3488 7889

When will my order be shipped?
All orders for in-stock items placed before 12:00 noon will be shipped the same day. 


I want to return my purchase! What do I do?
Please send your request to or call 020 3488 7889

What if my product doesn’t work when I first receive it?
Please send your request to or call 020 3488 7889

Does GreenTech Environmental offer repairs on products?
Yes! A talented group of professionals is in place and ready to repair all GreenTech Environmental products that require attention. The warranty information for each product is clearly described in your owner’s manual. The warranty effective date begins on the date you purchased the product. Warranties apply to the parts and labor required to repair a product. Low-cost repair is available for items on which the warranty has expired. Should you have a question about your warranty or need help, contact or call 020 3488 7889.


How do I know which air purifier is best for my specific needs?
Each purifier displays the specific space that it is used for and how many square feet it can cover. When determining which purifier you need, keep in mind that the purification cannot spread into areas that are separated by walls, closed doors, or stairways. If you would like assistance choosing which purifier is best for your needs, our friendly team of product experts will be happy to assist you. You may contact us by visiting our Contact Us page.

How do I know if my purifier is working?
Each pureAir purifier has either a display or light to indicate whether there is power running to the unit. If your purifier is displaying a light or display information, the best way to determine if your purifier is working is to use your nose! The goal of pureAir purifiers is to eliminate all odours that indicate the presence of bacteria, mold, mildew, allergens, or other pollutants. If you detect an odour in the space you are purifying and the purifier is turned on, then your purifier setting needs to be turned up. If you detect a distinct smell of the active air purification itself, then your purifier setting should be turned down. If you have turned your purifier setting to its maximum level and still detect odors we recommend continuing purification until the odors are removed. If you feel that the odors still remain after a prolonged period of time, we recommend that you call our friendly product experts to help determine how we can help. We can be reached by visiting our Contact Us page.

Why do I smell an odor coming from the air purifier?
pureAir purifiers are different than traditional air filters that simply filter large particles from the air. pureAir uses active air purification technology that propels from within the purifier into your space, reducing odours caused by bacteria, mold, mildew, allergens, VOCs, and other indoor air pollution. This means that you might detect a faint odor that resembles chlorine or bleach coming from the purifier. If you can smell the purification, the settings can be turned down. Please follow all instructions and safety information found in your owner's manual when operating your purifier.

How do I install my air purifier?
pureAir air purifiers are simple to set up and use and do not require a licensed installer. Each purifier has specific installation instructions or a quick-start guide to assist you in your installation. Please follow all instructions and safety precautions found in your owner's manual when setting up and operating your purifier. If you would like assistance, you are welcome to contact our helpful product experts who can support you. We can be reached by visiting our Contact Us page.

What do I do if my purifier quits working or has an issue?
pureAir products are backed by a manufacturer’s warranty, but even after the warranty has expired, our team of product experts are happy to help you determine what might be troubling your air purifier. By calling or emailing us, we can help troubleshoot the issue to determine if it might need a replacement part or repair. We stand behind our products and it is our highest priority to keep your purifier servicing the healthy environment of your space. You can reach us by visiting our Contact Us page.

What maintenance is required?
pureAir products are very durable and last many years with proper maintenance. Each of our pureAir products has different maintenance requirements, which can be found in your Owner’s Manual. If you need assistance in maintaining your purifier, you can speak with one of our friendly product experts by reaching out to us through our Contact Us page.